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Doug Mock's "Tune In, Turn On, Drop Knees"

January 10, 2018

Tune In, Turn On, Drop Knees—or—"Yes, Virginia, Active Bindings Do Ski Better."By Douglas Mock      Getting the fit of a new pair of tele boots dialed is a process predicated on patience. Sure, you can just pull your new, Italian plastic fantastics out of the box; shove your feet in; and start breaking trail, but by the time you get back to the truck your fave ski socks are gonna be chock full of lost toenails, layers of pulverized dermis, and buckets of whatever that gross, sticky fluid that fills up blisters is called. If you've any respect for the magical work your feet do while you're skiing (or any hope of lasting more than a few hours on...

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Early season telemark skiing

December 04, 2017

by Douglas Mock My body's gettin' strongerBut this mind, it's growin' weakAs these legs, they are a-itchin'To git climbin' up those peaksIn my deepest soul I'm achin'Man, for pow, for my fat skisBut this crazy autumn seasonGot me on my bended knees—"Those Shoulder Season Blues" (traditional) If you're the sort of tele-kook whose pre-season training occasionally breaks up the dumbbell lunges and squat jumps with a little stretching in the yoga room, you've inevitably listened to some skinny girl in tight pants expound upon "transitions." "Times like these," that girl will tell you with a big smile and flouncing ponytail, "Can bevery challenging for us yogis! The days are getting shorter—gosh, it's dark before work's even over!—but it's, like, still...

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