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Power Block

Do you like more power? If you ride the Bishop in the most active position 3, then this may be for you. This power block snaps on to your existing toe block to add a a fourth position of activity to your Bishops (1, 2, 3, and now Power 4). The Power Blocks also remove the neutral engagement zone from older boots that have the the "elf toe" effect which can lead to floppy ski syndrome. Check out the images to see an older boot with and without the Power Blocks.

The Power Block increases boot toe contact by 80% for more edging power. It features a 6° angle that compresses the bellows earlier in the turn for quicker engagement, allowing for a more “upright” technique and faster power transfer from boot to the ski. 

Easy to install and compatible with the new 2.0 and all previous versions of the bomber Bishops. Sold as a pair.

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