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January 22, 2016

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    New England Telemark Fest and USTSA Downhill Race

    To telemark fanatics on the east coast: First of all, bless you for sticking with this winter -- it looks like it is finally getting underway! And just in time too, since in just two weeks, on February 6th at Mt. Abram in Maine, New England Telemark will be hosting their annual Telemark Festival.

    Admissions is free for all festival events, which include demos of many major telemark brands for boots and skis. Demo gear can only go out for an hour, so if you need equipment for longer than that check out the local rental shops, Allspeed (Portland) and Green Machine (Norway).

    NET is supported by PSIA certified instructors who will be offering lessons and clinics in the morning and afternoon- with no special registration required! Just buy a regular Mt. Abram’s lift ticket and you are good to go.

    Be sure to join Bishop athlete and US Telemark team member, Sarah Carley as she races in a USTSA sanctioned downhill race. There will be categories open to the public and prizes to win so jump in and join Sarah and other top US athletes for this event. 


    And what type of telemark festival would it be without a beer at the end?  Taking place all day long in the lodge is the White Grass Bluegrass Festival- so stop in, unbuckle your boots and grab a drink. We'll see you there! 


    Sarah Carley
    Sarah Carley


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